Branded Workwear at Cressco

We supply a wide range of branded workwear from polo shirts and fleeces to gloves and safety footwear. We have something for all employees in most working environments, whether you would like high visibility safety vests, steel toe cap shoes, gloves and safety headwear for jobs that need an extra level of PPE, or a corporate range of shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, knitwear and ties for those who work in the office.

Workwear Embroidery & Heat Sealing

We do all of our embroidery and heat sealing in house, meaning that we have full control over the production process of your workwear. We can therefore be flexible with customer requirements and any orders can easily be altered and added to. Once we are sent your chosen logo, we aim to provide an embroidery sample in as little time as 24-48 hours, so that we can get started on producing your branded workwear as quickly as possible.

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    Why have Branded Workwear?

    Branded workwear can be used for a variety of reasons, for example:

    1. Professionalism: Branded workwear creates a professional appearance for the organisation, making it clear to customers who the employees represent and what their purpose is.
    2. Marketing: Having branded workwear is arguably a form of marketing, as it can help promote awareness of the organisation to potential customers with little effort and cost.
    3. Brand recognition: Staff who wear branded workwear can increase brand awareness of the organisation that they work for. Like marketing, this can be a useful tool when trying to attract new customers and promote brand awareness.
    4. Consistency: By providing branded workwear to all staff, not only is there consistency within the organisation, there is also a synergy between other forms of marketing, such as online.
    5. Health and safety: Branded workwear provides workforces with protective clothing such as hi vis for workforces where they are exposed to hazards within their working conditions. This applies to workforces in many different industries, including road workers, construction workers, and airport ground crew. Branded workwear also includes accessories such as hard hats, which can have a company logo sticker put on the front, or even safety gloves and goggles.

    Branded Workwear - How It’s Done

    There are different ways to create your workwear, so you can choose the best method in order to achieve your company’s ideal customised look.

    How To Choose The Method Of Workwear

    Embroidered Workwear

    The logo is ‘digitised’ into stitches so that the embroidery machines will be able to interpret the badge design.

    Embroidery gives a high-quality look to your garment for a professional overall finish that you and your employees will be proud to wear.

    Branded Workwear - Embroidered Logos

    Branded Workwear Heat Seal

    A heat applied emblem which can be applied to majority of fabrics that we supply. Each heat seal takes only 12 seconds to apply, meaning it is a very efficient process that can be done in house.

    Applying a reflective heat seal to a high visibility garment is a popular extra design feature.

    Branded Workwear - Heat Seal Logos

    Branded Workwear Screen Print

    An ink emblem is applied to the garment and this method lends itself best to larger orders as it is the most cost-effective option.

    Our range of application methods means that you can choose how your branded workwear is customised at every step, so that your uniform is appropriate for you and your employee’s everyday work tasks, whatever they may be.

    Branded Workwear - Screen Print Logos

    For any further information, prices, samples or advice please email or call 01494 410904


    We offer a wide range of branded workwear from polo shirts and fleeces to gloves and safety footwear

    About Cressco

    We are a family business located in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, that has been running since the start of 2009. We provide workwear to hundreds of companies across a very diverse range of industries over the UK, that can be customised to fit the needs of your company’s uniform requirements. Cressco has over 45 years of professional experience in the branded workwear industry, making us experts in providing uniform that is customised to you and your employees. Whether you are a returning customer preparing for the new seasons, a new account looking to place an order for the first time, or even just looking to give your whole uniform a fresh look, we can supply it for you.

    At Cressco, we aim to fulfil our customers’ branded workwear requirements by offering a very large range of stock garments, including tee’s, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, jackets, gilets and hi viz, so that there is something for every worker in all types of business. We pride ourselves as a company that you can trust to provide high quality embroidered garments on time, every time. We want to make your orders with us as cost effective as possible, which is why we will provide a tailored price package to suit your budget.

    We own three 4 head embroidery machines and one 6 head machine, meaning all embroidered garments that we provide are be done in house, giving us complete control of the whole garment embroidery production process, enabling us to meet tight deadlines when required.

    We can help and advise on which garments are most suitable for our customers’ requirements in a variety of industries. No order is too big or too small – we have no minimum order requirement!*

    Knowledgeable in what we do, we enjoy building long term relationships with our customers.  We are always looking to expand our customer base, so get in contact with us so that we can get you started with samples and a quote for your order.

    For any further information, prices, samples or advice please email or call 01494 410904

    *Conditions apply.