Embroidery & Heat Print

We carry out all embroidery and heat print processes in-house at our High Wycombe warehouse. We use state of the art Brother embroidery machines and Mirical heat applied badges depending on your specific logo requirements and the complexity of your logo design.

In order for us to accurately replicate your logo and for us to agree the logo price, we will require clear artwork in either a JPEG, PDF, or Microsoft Word format if available. Alternatively, we can accurately reproduce your logo from a compliment slip or headed paper.
From this artwork, the logo is "digitised", which is the translation of a graphic design into a stitch design. This process normally takes 2 - 3 working days and there is an initial, one off set up cost or origination charge.

The application charge for the embroidered logo is wholly dependent upon the number of stitches within the design as this is what determines the running time of the embroidery machine. The number of colours in the design has no bearing on the embroidery cost.

Heat Print

Your logo can also be applied by a heat seal process - this lends itself to more complex designs and hi-visibility garments.
Again, we will require your logo in the same format as above in order to accurately reproduce it and provide a price. With heat seal badges the price is determined by the quantity of badges ordered as the production of the badge is a print process onto a substrate. This is then heat applied to the garment.

You can send us your logo either by e-mailing us at sales@cressco.co.uk.
We will produce a sample of your embroidery and/or heat seal for your written approval prior to any orders being supplied.